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Examples of conversions (screenshots)

(Attention, images are not reduced)

Thanks for visiting this webpage about my first "big" project on Amiga. You maybe found out WoW the year before with the Blitz version. This is a new one completely rewritten in C, started the last winter.

I wish this tool will be useful for you. If one of the following questions , you should appreciate WoW

These are targets to shot in a short delay

It exists many other tools allowing various text conversions, but some give no interface or disappointing results or no option.
This program isn't perfect but it should give you a great help.
These are some adjectives describing WoW :

(Between brackets, the actual state of the conversion in the date of 07/08/00 - v1.10)

And don't forget : if you want to see a new conversion, write me a short email. If there is a problem with the above conversions, please send me the file if you want I solve that.

New features of the version 1.24 :

New features of the version 1.20 :

The WoW archive : WoW v1.24

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Le 2 janvier 2002